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Digi Media creates quality television, radio and podcast programming for broadcasters and digital publishers. We also provide executive level media training for companies, governments and other organisations worldwide.

What We Do

Content Production

Recording a new podcast interview.

Digi Media produces audio and video content for TV, radio, social media and other digital platforms. Our teams have worked with some of the world's biggest broadcasters and brands to bring stories to life, using our experience of working in the film, TV and radio industries. Digi Media makes short and long form video programming and also produces audio shows and podcasts.


Digi Media Training

We train you to confidently deal with journalists from broadcast, print and digital media platforms. We use experienced reporters to train you to get your message over to your audience. We also advise how you can handle difficult situations confidently. We train one-to-one or in groups to deliver key messages and keep control of interviews. We also focus on how social and digital media influence the news agenda, and how to use this to your advantage.


Digi Media Consultants

Digi Media works with commercial clients and government development agencies to set up broadcasters, independent producers and digital publishers all over the world. We design, build, equip and train staff to get stations and programmes 'on air'. Past projects have seen us set up TV stations in post-conflict zones including Iraq and Kosovo. We also launched the first TV political satire shows for stations in Kenya & Nigeria.

Watch Our Showreel

From political satires in Kenya and Nigeria, to a food travel series in Latin America, take a look at some of the shows we've made for TV, streaming, radio, social media and for brands and organisations.

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Digi Media

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